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Welcome to  the Classicalexburns music blog! I hope you enjoy your visit today. I am currently in my fourth year at The University of Sheffield where I studied Music for my undergraduate degree and I am now reading for an MA in Musicology. I am a trumpet player, however my strengths and intrigue are within the history and analysis of music. I recently completed an extended dissertation research paper on Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony, entitled: “The Musical Voices of the ‘Double-Man’: Nature and Religious Identity in Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony.” My undergraduate dissertation received the second highest mark in my year, and has subsequently been published on an online musicology website for PhD’s and original journal articles. My dissertation has also contributed original research into Mahler studies, which I am incredibly proud of! For my MA I am pursuing my interest in Mahler and will be researching the ideas surrounding eschatology and lyrics in his Second Symphony. This will hopefully lead on to me undergoing a PhD researching Mahler and his instrumental music.

This blog, however, will focus on a wealth of different kinds of classical music, from neo-romantic to baroque to film music. The aim and purpose of this blog is to cover as much ground as possible to make this wonderful genre more accessible for anybody interested in this type of music, whether you’re a die-hard classical music fan, or a novice to the genre. Blog posts will contain information, context, analysis and opinions on different pieces of classical music and will hopefully light some enthusiasm to the topic!

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Happy reading!

Alex x


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FEMALE FORTNIGHT CHALLENGE 2.0! 17/01/2017-31/01/2017

Back by popular demand my Female Fortnight Challenge is back with 14 fantastic women composers! Here is the final list of women composers:

Day 1: Grace Mary Williams – Sea Sketches (1944)

Day 2: Tansy Davies – neon (2004)

Day 3: Chen Yi – Ge Xu (1994)

Day 4: Dora Pejačević – Two Sketches for Piano (1918)

Day 5: Dobrinka Tabakova – Whispered Lullaby (2004)

Day 6: Sarah Fuller Flower Adams & Eliza Flower – Nearer, my God, to Thee (c.1840)

Day 7: Pauline Oliveros – A Love Song (1994)

Day 8: Francesca Caccini – Lasciatemi Qui Solo (1618)

Day 9: Ursula Mamlok – Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (1976)

Day 10: Dana Suesse – Concerto in Three Rhythms (1932)

Day 11: Jennifer Higdon – Percussion Concerto (2005)

Day 12: Teresa Carreño – La Fausse Note (1872)

Day 13: Julia Gomelskaya – Memento Vitae (1996)

Day 14: Kaija Saariaho – Laterna Magica (2009)


FEMALE FORTNIGHT CHALLENGE! 1/09/2016-14/09/2016

To celebrate the life and musical works of female composers I have completed my challenge ‘Female Fortnight’. 14 blogs, written daily based on a wide-range of female composers. Here is the final list of composers and works:

Day 1: Joan Tower – Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman No.1 (1989)

Day 2: Amy Beach – Piano Concerto in C# minor (1899)

Day 3: Wendy Mae Chambers – Mass for Mass Trombones (1993)

Day 4: Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre – Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Continuo (c.1707)

Day 5: Keiko Abe – The Wave Impressions Concerto for Marimba (2002)

Day 6: Elizabeth Maconchy – Nocturne for Orchestra (1950)

Day 7: Clara Schumann – Three Romances for Violin and Piano (1853)

Day 8: Alexandra Pakhmutova – Trumpet Concerto (1955)

Day 9: Alma Mahler – Five Songs for Voice and Piano (1911)

Day 10: Lera Auerbach – Icarus (2006)

Day 11: Cécile Chaminade – Concertino for Flute and Piano in D major (1902)

Day 12: Cindy McTee – Adagio for String Orchestra (2002)

Day 13: Joan Trimble – The Green Bough (1941)

Day 14: Dorothy Ker – A Gentle Infinity (2009)



To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of classicalexburns, I have taken on an August Alphabet challenge! 26 blogs, written daily based on each letter of the alphabet (in order and based on composers). Here is the final list:

A – Arutunian Trumpet Concerto (1950)

B – Beethoven Egmont Overture (1810)

C – Copland Letter from Home (1944)

D – Dukas The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1897)

E – Elfman Edward Scissorhands: The Grand Finale (1990)

F – Falla Nights in the Gardens of Spain (1916)

G – Grofé Mississippi Suite (1925)

H – Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel Overture (1892)

I – Ives The Unanswered Question (1906&1936)

J – Jacob An Original Suite (1928)

K – Kabalevsky The Comedians’ (1938)

L – Liszt Liebestraum No.3 (1850)

M – Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)

N – Nielsen Symphony 2: The Four Temperaments (1902)

O – O’Regan Latent Manifest (2010)

P – Poulenc Concerto for Organ, Timpani and Strings (1938)

Q – Quilter Children’s Overture (1914)

R – Respighi Pines of Rome (1924)

S – Silver Nocturne (2015)

T – Tartini Devil’s Trill Violin Sonata (1713)

U – Ungar Ashokan Farewell (1982)

V – Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending (1914)

W – Weir Stars, Night, Music and Light (2011)

X – Xenakis Jonchaies (1977)

Y – Yoshimatsu White Landscapes (1991)

Z – Zimmer The Battle from Gladiator (2000)

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