Welcome to Classicalexburns – The World’s No. 1 Classical Music Blog

Dedicated to making classical music more accessible for the masses since 2015, Classicalexburns publishes regular blogs on the classical music genre. This site aims to cover as much ground as possible, so whether you are a die-hard classical music enthusiast, or a novice to the genre, there will be something for your taste here. Blog posts vary in length and detail, and will contain information, history, context, analysis and opinions – offering a unique classical music experience.

Classicalexburns has been ranked as the Number 1 best music blog on Score Big’s ‘Top 50 Music Blogs’! Check out the other great blogs here: https://www.scorebig.com/home/top-50-music-blogs

Classicalexburns has also been ranked at No. 28 in Feedspot’s ‘Top Classical Music Blogs in the World’. Check out the rest of the list here: http://blog.feedspot.com/classical_music_blogs/



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